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About us

Madison O'Dwyer

Poet, visual artist

Madison O'Dwyer (she, her) is a poet and visual artist from Tāmaki Makaurau. Her poetry has appeared in Blackmail Press, Shot Glass Journal, JAAM, and the We, Society anthology by Printable Reality. In 2017, she debuted her collection, "Baby Teeth." Her visual poetry has been showcased at the 2016 Studio One / Toi Tū "Matariki" Exhibition by Selwyn Vercoe, the 2017 Visualis Poetry" Exhibition at the New Zealand Poetry Conference curated by Rachel Naomi, and the 2019 "Visualis Poetry" Exhibition by Rachel Naomi and Makyla Curtis. Once an emcee at Poetry Live, she's now a founding member of the Oh No! Poetry Collective.


Eloise Woodley-Phillips

Creative writer, poet

Eloise (she, her), a creative writer and poet from Auckland, underwent 5 years of training and performing in circus arts. Her training took her to various locations such as Australia, Canada, and the US, with a significant 7-month stint in Vermont, USA, coming to an abrupt end due to COVID. In addition to her circus arts background, Eloise co-authored a children's book for Scouts Aotearoa by creatively transforming their Safeguarding Policy. She also holds the position of Production Manager at the Ugly Shakespeare Company.

Currently enrolled in university, Eloise is pursuing studies in Expressive Arts and Digital Marketing. Her aspirations revolve around delving deeper into the realms of books, policy transformation, and poetry. A notable project close to her heart is the Oh No! Poetry Collective, which she is dedicated to introducing to as many young people as possible.



Poet, video game designer, advocate

Demi Schänzel (they/them) is an emerging poet, video game designer, and outspoken advocate for designing kinder social spaces that allow others to express themselves however intimately they please.

Their poetry is infused with bittersweet touches of hope and melancholy; the soft sun-dappled songs of summers passing crushes, lost loves found at the edges of the apocalypse, and all those derelict echoes of ourselves that remain as we inevitably pass on.

This summer they endeavour only to write more, work less, and grow ever more wild and floral.


Maxie Rodil

Poet, visual artist

Maxie (he/they) is a queer poet and visual artist from the Philippines. Though they have dipped their toes into most mediums, their personality shines the most in their poetry. His works speak of love and loss, of being lost and being found, even in the small seemingly mundane moments. Maxie was a finalist in the 2023 National Poetry Slam Championship.


Eve Jones

Poet, musician

Hey all, nice to meet ya! My name's Eve, my pronouns are she/her and it/its. With a background in theater, diploma at south seas, playing and writing for a band, and a feverish love of video essays, it’s safe to say I’m hopelessly devoted to the world of words. Most recently, i’ve been thrown head-first into the world of live poetry, and loving every bit of it so far. Of all the Oh No! Gang, I am by far the youngest and newest to the game. But hey, that’s all the more time to write, perform, goof up, learn, thrive, and repeat the whole thing a thousand times over. I’m incredibly excited and honoured to be in this strange new chapter of my life, and you bet you’re all along for the ride >:3


Jamie Simmonds

Poet, writer, activist, weirdo

Originally from Matamata, Jamie (he, him) moved to Auckland in 2011 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English, followed by a diploma in publishing. He fell in love with Tāmaki Makaurau’s poetry scene not long after, ever listening and occasionally performing. For him, the Oh No! Poetry Co is a chance to give back to a culture that’s given so much to him. It’s also a creative break from his day job writing user guides for software, which he calls “the least exciting career to talk about at parties”.

When he isn’t adding to the city’s creative culture with the Oh No! Poetry Co, Jamie is helping build a better Auckland with The Coalition for More Homes.


Bea Newton

Poet, journalist

Bea (She/Her) is a burgeoning queer poet, constantly pursuant of literature and arts in some form or another for as long as she can remember. She's dabbled in producing content for her University magazine and radio station and has been performing her poetry live at open mic for close to a year. For Bea, poetry is a way she speaks unimpeded. Her poems are often spurred by narratives extrapolated from a snapshot, seeing a sliver of some quotidian story and filling in the rest herself - Injecting that sprig on the sidewalk with whatever she feels as she steps over it. Bea’s poetry captures the essence of her Sci-Fi fascination, musical influences like Courtney Barnett, and artistic musings reminiscent of the corners of her high school math book. “I’m excited to be a part of Oh No! with some amazing people who mean a lot to me and look forward to what comes our way!"

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